EZE.chain makes the blockchain enablement of ANY enterprise application simple.  In three simple steps your application can be running on a private, secure blockchain allowing for completely new business processes to be enabled with no coding.

EZE.chain enables a XML-based language for the storage of “nouns”, “verbs” and “events” on a private network. Initial deployments will be based on tough problems facing the Energy Industry. But, other solutions will be explored as the technology matures.

It is designed to make the enablement and deployment of blockchain technologies “easy” for organizations large and small.

Our Philosophy

We believe we are all here on a mission from our creator.  Life is precious and people are inherently valuable.  It’s our goal to help our companies achieve the highest available purpose and scope they can achieve.

Our projects and companies will be purposeful and exist for a reason other than to just make money.

Been There

We’ve built successful companies.  We’ve built unsuccessful companies.  We’ve timed businesses right.  We’ve mis-timed some.   The facts are we’ve seen a great deal of opportunity and execution.  Over the years, we’ve developed a set of standard operations, technologies and methods that simply work.  And the good news is, they don’t cost a fortune to implement.

The facts are, we’re in a time now where blockchain businesses can be launched for pennies relative to just a decade ago.   Modern frameworks, cloud technologies and global workforces make this the most exciting time in ages for technology.