Use Cases

  • Traceability

    EZEChain provides an easy mechanism for organizations to track the origin of products, ensuring the integrity of the data regarding source and transportation.  The EZEChain provides mechanisms for defining organizations, assets and observations throughout the lifecycle of a product.

  • Third Party Verifications

    Third party verification services provide a valuable service throughout global supply chains.  EZEChain provides simple way for their verification services to be seamlessly and permanently recorded and shared with organizations who need to know.

  • Global Standards

    Global Standards bodies, such as NAESB, GS1 and others provide valuable services by creating global communities which can agree on the data, format and content of data shared across organizations globally.   The EZEChain provides an ideal mechanism for global standards to be deployed and shared among known participants.

EZE.chain makes the blockchain enablement of ANY enterprise application simple.  In three simple steps your application can be running on a private, secure blockchain allowing for completely new business processes to be enabled with no coding.

EZE.chain enables a XML-based language for the storage of “nouns”, “verbs” and “events” on a private network.   Initial deployments will be based on the GS1 EPCIS global standard.

It is designed to make the enablement and deployment of blockchain technologies “easy” for organizations large and small.